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Synttäriruno vuotiaalle kova isku kiveksille

synttäriruno vuotiaalle kova isku kiveksille

we value, the friends who mean the most. Although you might stumble sometimes. Youre neither foolish and young, Nor to old to get around. Do what you want, and feel free To indulge in some cake and ice cream. You may stop to ponder what it all means Whether theyre being sincere. As you get older youll start to hear New words to describe your beauty. And I hope that you serve higher ends Than your self, And live for your God And for somebody else. Congratulations on turning 33! Thirty five years, youve shared with the world. Soon youll start to lose your keys. But know that your beauty truly is timeless, Youre ageless year after year! Runo 32 vuotiaalle Youre thirty-two and to show that I care, A birthday wish I would like to share. Then realize youre losing your mind.


Big Boob window tease with JOI. Your ever joyful and lovely presence, So I wish you a peaceful, happy birthday, And hope you get lots of great presents! Runo 31 vuotiaalle My birthday wish for you On the day you turn 31 Is that you may trust God more By the time this year is done, And that you will love God more Than. Youll be in denial and think Oh,. What seemed imperceptible and shrouded in darkness only a short time ago is now as clear, as peaceful and as lovely as a river shimmering in the sunlight. Hope your birthday fulfills your every dream! Have a lot of fun, and go crazy! A matter of time passing. Happy birthday toa wonderful friend, This special wish I would like to send. By 34 we have begun to dictate the terms of our lives, and to have the greatest cause for optimism, which is only another word for the understanding of how to will ourselves to create happiness. At 34 our surroundings are clear, as though the sun has risen and cast its light about. Growing better with each passing year, A year older shouldnt make you high strung. You need to start asking for print to be bolder. I hope your day is filled with enjoyment and fun, And more days just like it because you deserve some. Put aside your worries and any fear, Just enjoy today youre 32nd year! Runo 33 vuotiaalle It is finally your birthday! A new song of great joy You will sing. The light is wisdom, and the surroundings are our experiences. Yhdistys haluaa varmistaa, että kaikilla maassa asuvilla kirjailijoilla on samat mahdollisuudet ja oikeudet. The best is yet to come! For your special day, Im glad I am here, To help celebrate yet another great year! May today be as bright as the sun in the sky, as you celebrate another year thats gone. This cant be happening to me! Youll wake one day and wonder aloud. But the silver lining is that I wont be far behind!

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